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How to register certificate
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1. What is the certificate?

The certificate is proved that each of doll is made by pipos and has their own serial number.

2. What is the benefit of registering certificate?

If you register authentic products, you can have a change o participate all kings of event offered by PIPOSDOLL and register all the events by single registration of the serial No.
A owner who does not have the certificate can not joing the events
and, all events at PIPOSDOLL will go through a process of confirmation through certificate.

A customer needs this certificate when you exchange(free/non-free) the parts as well.

This certificate do not issue again so, please be careful of the loss.

3. Where is the certificate?

It is inside the business-card envelope in the doll box.

4. How to register serial number

You can register the serial number at Certificate board in with fallowing form.
(Please join the membership, before you register.)

You must fallow the below form when you register the serial number.

5. Registertaion form

1. Serial number (ex BH007001) :

2. Name of the owner (real name) :

3. Address   :

4. Zip code  :

5. contact number  :

6. e-mail    :

7. Where did you buy? (ex pipos-shopping mall, etc.) :

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