~ This is Greeniebone's story ~

Here's the story. A couple months ago, some local BJD fans and I were chatting about how there is

a serious lack of cute dog BJDs. (At the time, there really weren't any cute ones at all.)

I was hopeful that Pipos, the creators of Baha Kitty, would make an equally cute puppy doll.

I edited a photo of Baha to show what it might look like. The picture below is the photo I edited

(very badly edited, might I add--I wasn't taking it too seriously).


A couple weeks later, a topic was started on Den of Angels about how people wanted

Pipos to make a floppy-eared dog doll.

So I posted the above edited photo...and guess what??

Amazingly, someone from Pipos saw the photo, and wrote the following:


Hello ^^ (This is piposdoll.) First of all, our team and pipos-staff are very happy with all customers.

When we saw this thread, we were still considering which way is good for making dog-BJD.

But wow!!! This is totally amazing !!

So, we decided to realize your work. After we finish this work,

we'll give you a real dog-BJD as a thank you present.

Thank you for interest in our dolls ^^ Have a good day!


Of course, I was very thrilled and honored by this message!!

I wasn't sure if it would really happen or not (it seemed too good to be true!),

until last weekend, when I got a PM from Pipos, asking for my address.

I gave it to them, and...look who showed up at my house on Friday?





The mold does not have an official name yet, but Pipos included

a very lovely letter with the doll, asking me to name the mold for them.

I haven't heard their response to my suggestions yet, so I'll keep that part a secret for now.


I did a comparison photo, to show how closely Pipos followed my original picture. It is VERY close!!

The biggest difference is in the faceup and the eye color

(the original picture has cat eyes, since it is an edited Baha photo).

I think they did such an amazing job bringing him to life! Definitely an improvement on my original design.

I can see that this mold will be so versatile, and will be able to be painted in so many different ways.

I can't WAIT to see what Pipos has in store for him!!

I don't know when he'll be officially named or released by Pipos, but I hope it will be soon!!


Thanks for reading, and I hope you like him as much as I do!